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Winter Knits

I create my winter knits out of a variety of fibers. Some are acrylic or acrylic blends that can be machine washed and dried. Others are 100% wool, for improved warmth and that wonderful, traditional feel. Winter knit sets are wonderful gifts for friends and family. Easy to fit, and useful, you can request the color(s) and fiber of your choice.

Regular winter knits are classic designs that I use over and over again. They may be in stock in some colors and sizes. If you prefer something more unique, scroll down to see ideas for custom winter knits.

Please also look to see what customers say about my winter knits.

Regular Winter Knits

Regular winter knits may be in stock in some colors, fibers, and sizes. If I don't have exactly what you want, I can usually knit it without delay, since the patterns are my standards. See how to order Winter Knits.

knitted headband, orange wool

Knitted Headbands

For more information, please visit the Knitted Headbands page.

winter white wool set: scarf, beret, mittens

Knit Winter Sets

Create your own set!

knitted mittens, black and gold stripes

Knitted Mittens

For more information, please visit the Knitted Mittens page.

knitted fingerless mittens

Knitted Fingerless Mittens

For more information, please visit the Knitted Fingerless Mittens page.

knit beret, black

Knit Beret

For more information, please visit the Knit Beret page.

knitted hat with contrast cuff and pompom

Knit Beanie Hat

For more information, please visit the Knit Beanie Hat page.

his and hers knitted scarves with fringe

Knitted Scarf

For more information, please visit the Knitted Scarf page.

Custom Winter Knits

Some of the custom winter knits pictured below are one-of-a-kind creations. Others can be reproduced on request. These photos represent just a few possibilities for your special winter knit item. Please visit my Winter Knits Gallery for more ideas.

If you see something you really like, find out how to order Custom Winter Knits. The Ready-made Handmade page also includes some one-of-a-kind items that are still available.

lined helmet with earflaps

Lined Helmet with Earflaps

This is an incredibly cozy hat, knitted for someone who works at a tree nursery and is outdoors in all weather. The outer layer is wool for warmth, while the inner layer is acrylic to avoid any risk of itchiness.

blue snowflake headband with earflaps

Snowflake Headband

Like the helmet to the left, this headband is wool on the outer layer and acrylic on the inside. The earflaps insure that there's enough coverage for wintry weather.  I also knitted a red snowflake headband, which can be seen in the Winter Knits Gallery.

mixed black and gray headband

Black & Gray Headband

The mottled appearance of this headband was achieved by knitting with 3 strands of thin yarn held together: 1 black, 1 dark gray, and 1 light gray.

What Customers Say About My Winter Knits

I just wanted you to know how much I love my mittens and scarf. Iíve gotten many compliments on them already. You do great work! Mindy N., Waseca MN

We received the scarf, hat and mittens today! Jessica loves the colors, they are exactly what she had in mind. You did a beautiful job, I envy your talent. Thanks again for working with us to get the colors just right. Beth K., Chicago IL

I just wanted to let you know that I received the scarf in the mail today and it looks great!! Way better than I expected thank you so much. I can't wait to show it off. Dan I., Springfield PA

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