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Santa Claus Pictures

Here are some custom Christmas stockings that I've knit with Santa Claus pictures on them. There are dozens, perhaps hundreds, of Santa Claus stocking designs in existence! Both full-figure and face only Santa pictures are popular. He usually does best on a green background, since red and white both figure into the classic look. However, a blue background is also nice.

Please look to see what Customers Say about stockings I've knit with Santa Claus pictures.

large Santa face, from left side

Left-side view of a very unique design.

large Santa face, from front

Front view. Colors match the customer's stocking.

large Santa face, from right side

This is a design I had never seen until the customer mailed me her stocking to copy. It could also work nicely on a green background.

retro Mrs. Santa face with embellishments

This is a companion design for the retro-look Santa face below. This customer requested a different color arrangement, and some sequins, eyes, and metallic thread as embellishments.

retro Mrs. Santa face with background scene

The colors in this stocking match those in the original pattern.

retro Mrs. Santa face with background scene, side view

The background mantel with a row of green stockings is not in the original pattern. The addition was suggested by the customer.

white Santa on red background

The simplicity of the red and white color scheme makes this a very striking design. The clean lines on the design remind me of a stencil.

Santa with arms reaching up

This happy Santa is more difficult to knit than most, but he sure is cute! His beard and suit trim are all in angora.

Santa with tree on shoulder

The colors are a little tricky on this design, because the tree needs to show up against the background. Santa doesn't seem to mind, though!

stocking with trees, Santa, and wreath

This small Santa face could fit into many different designs.

Santa in his sleigh with bag of toys

Santa rides in his sleigh above the treetops. His fuzzy bag of toys is tied with a green ribbon.  See Reindeer Pictures for a look at the reindeer pulling the sleigh.

stocking with simple trees and Santas

This is a variation of a very old pattern. The white section of the foot has the last two digits of the recipient's birth date. The drawstring with pompoms is an unusual and very nice addition.

very large Santa face

This Santa face is so large that it wraps around the stocking almost from edge to edge. Fortunately, I was asked to knit 2 of them. That way I could get a photo showing the whole face!

Santa face with fancy tree on reverse

This stocking has more stitches than usual to accommodate the larger pictures. In the original, Santa has green eyes. The red background and outline-style hat are unusual, and very effective.

Santa face with tree on reverse -- green background

The same design, but on a green background. This has an interesting and unusual effect. The recipient's initials are added on this side, and the birth date on the reverse.

Santa walking his dog, front view

This unusual design has Santa walking a dog off to his right side. See Different Pictures for a view of the fluffy dog.

large Santa with reindeer and black book

This unusual design has a reindeer peering over Santa's shoulder while Santa checks his list twice. The design wraps all the way around the stocking.

view of Santa's "black book"

A back view shows that the reindeer is right behind Santa's elbow. It almost looks as though Santa is trying not to let the reindeer see the list!

sequined Santa face with ornament on reverse

There are lots and lots of sequins on this Santa face. Red sequins outline his hat and accent the nose and mouth. Iridescent white sequins outline his hair, eyebrow, mustache, and beard. A few green sequins accent the dip in his hat.

old-fashioned Santa picture in red

This charming old-fashioned Santa stocking is very involved, but the result is beautiful! Embellishments can be varied somewhat.

old-fashioned Santa picture in red, back view

There is a bit of additional fun on the backside of this design.

old-fashioned Santa variation

The same Santa takes on a different look on a darker tan background. This variation has a plain foot, and sequins on the tree.

old-fashioned Santa variation, back view

No gifts on the back side of this one, but a couple of sequined ornaments brighten it up.

old-fashioned Santa picture in green

Another old-fashioned Santa picture, done in green this time for an unusual look. The embellishments can vary.

old-fashioned Santa with tan background

The same design, with a tan background instead of the off-white used in the first one. This gave a better contrast for the pure white sections.

old-fashioned Santa picture in green, back view

A couple of extra gifts are hidden on the backside.

large Santa face

This simple, cheery Santa face has a very retro look. There is a companion design, a Mrs. Santa, which can be seen above.

stocking with Santa Claus in chimney, version 1

This stocking, and Will's Santa stocking, were for twin boys. Their parents also had Santa stockings, but with different designs.

large Santa in chimney

This plump Santa is very similar to another design, but the proportions are quite different.

classic Santa in chimney stocking

This is a thinner version of the previous Santa.

stocking with Santa Claus at mantel

I have seen this stocking with the Santa more heavily embellished. This version has embroidered facial features, gold thread for his belt buckle, and a jingle bell on his hat.

Santa Claus at mantel, variation 1

It surprised me to see how much the appearance changed with extra white in the background.  The picture itself is nearly identical.

Santa Claus at mantel, variation 2

I thought this customer had a very clever idea, to put the name on the stocking that Santa was actually hanging! Of course, only a very short name could be used this way.

Santa Claus as jack-in-the-box stocking

This is wonderful old design, representing Santa as an old-fashioned jack-in-the-box toy.  The original pattern included a white tree with red ornaments on the back side.

waving Santa Claus picture

This cheerful Santa Claus picture is from a pattern provided by the customer. The only embellishment on this stocking is some gold metallic thread on his belt buckle.

waving Santa Claus picture, with embellishments

Added embellishments change Santa's look. Here, he has sequins on his eyes and nose, a pompom on his hat, and a candy cane in his hand. Snowflake sequins sparkle behind him.

Santa juggling snowballs

A customer sent me the stocking on the right to duplicate. She wanted to add the embellishments herself, so I just did the knitting. The hanging loop uses a small plastic ring as its base to give it shape.

small Santa face on stocking with other pictures

Santa faces are just as popular as full figures. This simple design is very effective.

Santa face with candy canes

This is a very popular design, although Santa's eyes are usually black and most families don't have the birth date on there.

small Santa Claus pictures on dark green background

Here, Santa is combined with a decorated tree and a fanciful reindeer. I love the rich Victorian shades in this wool yarn.

small Santa Claus pictures on blue backgrounds

This Santa Claus picture is small enough to repeat on each side, as can be seen here. This is a wonderful color variation on a very old pattern.

small Santa Claus pictures, centered on green backgrounds

The small Santa can also be centered. These stockings were knit smaller than usual at the customer's request, but the pattern is an old classic that has appeared in many variations.

If you'd like a stocking with a Santa Claus picture, find out more about ordering custom Christmas stockings.

What Customers Say about Stockings I've Knit with Santa Claus Pictures

My wife ordered some stockings for our family. They were based off of the old stocking that I had as a kid. I just wanted to thank you because they are really, really well done. I was skeptical at having my old stocking (which isn't in great shape) redone, because I'm not fond of new things...especially when they replace something that held important memories for me. But I couldn't be happier with the new stockings. It really made my day when I saw how they turned out. I hope my kids appreciate their stockings as much as I did growing up. Thanks again, we love them. Anthony D., Green Oaks IL

We got the stockings in the mail yesterday and they are perfect! They are exactly what my husband wanted. He loves the size, the colors, everything. And the boys can't wait until Christmas. Thanks so much for doing such a great job on them. Thanks for including a few business cards, too. I'm sure that anyone who sees our stockings will want them for their families, too. Annette M., Vail AZ

Well done! We received the stocking today and are glad you enclosed business cards. You did a great job! Is there someplace online we can rave about you? Isha Y., Falls Church VA

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