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Knit Beret

Price: $18/$22
Size: child/adult
Care: depends on fiber chosen
Options: color(s) of your choice; wool or acrylic

peppermint beret beret, hunter green acrylic five-color beret
How to Order -- See what customers have said about my knit berets below!

This knit beret is a classic in solid colors, and it's loads of fun with different colors. This can be a great choice if you want to use the colors of a flag, or show your school spirit. I have also used variegated yarns with great success.

The beret is designed to be warm, but not too heavy. The ribbed brim keeps it in place. The top can be left plain, or embellished with a pompom, button, loop for hanging (my favorite), or the little twig-type piece that adorns traditional French berets.

navy blue knit beret

Details of Knit Beret

I hand-finish the beret so that it will not unravel, ever. The only seam is on the ribbed band, and I sew that by hand for neatness. I use my most reliable yarns for this design. Your beret will see many seasons without any significant sign of wear.

The brim is very stretchy, so two sizes cover almost everyone. The child size will fit babies up to an 8- or 10-year-old. The adult size will fit just about anyone else.

black knit beret, top view knit beret at an angle knitted beret, pulled back

Uses for Knit Beret

The beret style is a perennial favorite because of its ability to make a fashion statement while keeping you warm. It can be easily worn in fall or spring, since it is not as heavy as many winter hats. Have several, in colors to match all your coats and jackets!

Pull it to one side, or to the back, and get a completely different look. I make the adult size in three different versions: minimalist, moderate, and full. Each has a different style or look; just choose your favorite!

knit beret, white with silver thread beret, moderate size, with scarf beige beret, full size

Gift Ideas for Knit Beret

A beret is a welcome gift at the beginning of the school year, when the promise of cooler weather is in the air. It works well for Christmas, of course, and can be rolled up to fit into a Christmas stocking. Or, create a gift set by pairing it with classic knit Mittens, and/or a scarf. The Knitted Scarf can be made to match. How to Order

Customer Testimonials for Knit Beret

You went "above and beyond" to make sure my daughter had her 3 knit berets for Christmas. I watched her face as she opened the box. I can't thank you enough for the smiles and the appreciation she has for your handiwork. I'm keeping you in my address book on my computer so I can call on you again and recommend you to anyone I know who's looking for high quality berets. Linda H., Amherst OH

I ordered a Beret from you last winter and it has worked out amazing. The beret is unbelievably comfortable and well made. The beret keeps me warm while adding character. Now my neck is cold with winter coming. I am curious about ordering a scarf. ...I really support and respect your business and wish more people in the world were involved with small do-it-yourself businesses. Luke J., Munster IN

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