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Different Pictures

Here are some custom Christmas stockings that I've knit with different pictures on them. An infinite variety of combinations are possible, of course. By combining Different Pictures it's possible to create a completely unique stocking.

Please look to see what Customers Say about stockings I've knit with different pictures on them.

snowmobile picture, left side view

For this custom stocking, I started with a drawing from a coloring book.

snowmobile picture, front view

A photo of Ronnie's actual snowmobile helped me with the colors.

snowmobile picture, right side view

I created a smaller version of the picture also, but we chose to go with the larger one for the stocking.

stocking with picture of rugby player

I created a knitting chart from an outline drawing for this unusual design.

side view of stocking with angels, wreath, and holly

A giant wreath and sprigs of holly form an elegant background for these angels, whose soft wings are knitted in angora yarn.

stocking with angels, wreath, and holly

Front view of the same stocking.

stocking with train, snowman, reindeer -- left side

A very cheerful design in bright colors was a special request for a customer's grandson. The classic 3-stripe arrangement is infinitely adaptable.

stocking with trees, candles, and wreathstocking with train, snowman, reindeer -- right side

The pictures wrap around to the other side of the stocking, where the reindeer's head can be seen. A few strategically placed sequins brighten up the details.

stocking with trees, candles, and wreath

This wreath is nicely proportioned. It's decorated with round sequins. The old-fashioned candles could be done with a yellow flame instead of the red seen here.

stocking with trees, Santa, and wreath

One family used variations for different generations: Santa for parents, reindeer for children.

stocking with trees, reindeer, and wreath
stocking with gingerbread boy

The gingerbread boy and girl pictures make a wonderful set for siblings or spouses. The boy has borders with tiny candy canes.

stocking with gingerbread girl

The girl has miniature bells in her border stripes. These designs are very cheery, perfect for children.

gingerbread girl with heart

A variation of the same gingerbread girl with a big heart. The tone is different, since the background is simpler and there is more white to lighten the effect. The focus on the gingerbread girl is much stronger.

stocking with snowmen, soldiers, and reindeer

These three stockings were created for members of the same family. The parents chose different pictures for each individual.

stocking with reindeer, candles, and gingerbread men

The reindeer and candle pictures are borrowed from some vintage stocking patterns. The simple gingerbread man adds a cheerful note.

stocking with angels, gingerbread men, and reindeer

Rudolph and the colorful angel were nice choices for a little girl.

stocking with reindeer, snowflakes, and stockings

This set of stockings was also created for a family. The mother chose pictures to suit her three children.

stocking with snowman, bells, and candles

The simple snowman is dressed up with fluffy angora yarn.

stocking with soldier, drums, and train

The top border of drums was a very nice choice to complement the toy soldier. The tiny train travels all the way around the stocking.

stocking with pictures of ornaments, version 1

These ornaments originally appeared on the back side of a Santa stocking. Of course, they can be used in other ways. This pair is plain.

stocking with pictures of ornaments, version 2

On this stocking, the ornaments are embellished with sequins. The white stripe is covered with white sequins, and the red section are outlined with red sequins.

old design in traditional colors

This is an old stocking design that allows for many variations in the different pictures.

classic design with variation in colors

A fairly minor variation in color choices creates a very different look.

old design in traditional colors, variation

These are smaller than most of my stockings, in order to match existing family stockings. The tree was shrunk to allow room for a date, and an extra stripe was added to accommodate the phrase "Merry Xmas".

classic design in bright, non-traditional colors

The non-traditional colors of these stockings create a very different effect than the classic colors used in the two previous pictures.

crescent moon on back of Christmas stocking

The back of a Santa stocking. This can be dressed up a bit with a black sequin on the eye and a small jingle bell at the tip of his hat.

Christmas stocking with picture of stockings on mantel

The backside of one of the Santa stockings. The front shows Santa standing below the mantel, reaching for a stocking.

Christmas scene with house and trees

An unusually detailed design is made even more elaborate with the addition of numerous embellishments. The house is nestled between two trees, while Santa and his reindeer fly overhead.

stocking with trees, soldiers, and train

A classic 3-stripe design, with pictures chosen for the customer's grandson.

bell and stylized tree pictures

The unusual colors in this stocking were chosen by the customer to harmonize with her living room decor. The bell on top reminds me of the bell-ringing choirs.

large tree and leaping reindeer

This relatively simple design is quite striking, with strong shapes and just enough detail. The reindeer has a red nose for a bit of fun.

stocking with wreath and embellishments

A stripe pattern is decorated with added embellishments. The wreath is knit in, but the gifts are buttons while the bells and berries are sequins.

Christmas ornament with sequined Santa on reverse

This ornament is very graceful. Its simplicity is a nice contrast to the heavily sequined Santa on the front side.

stocking with gingerbread man and candle

This is a very well-balanced use of pictures in combination. I love this gingerbread man design. The stocking is in wool.

stocking with hearts and candy canes

This is another wool stocking that uses different pictures to good advantage. The stripe arrangement matches that in the husband's original stocking.

stocking with picture of little girl

This cute little girl is wearing a holiday coat and hat, both trimmed with angora.

If you'd like a Christmas stocking with different pictures on it, find out more about ordering custom Christmas stockings.

What Customers Say about Stockings I've Knit with Different Pictures

They are beautiful!!!! My husband and I can not believe how accurate and beautifully knitted the stockings are. Thank you so much. You really captured every detail that my Great Grandmother first knitted. My generation was the last in my family to have these wonderful hand-knitted stockings as our GG has been gone for quite some time. With your skills, I will now be able to pass this traditional family stocking to the next generation. My nieces and nephews are starting to get married so there will be lots of knitting potential for you in the years to come as they all settle down to have families of their own. Thank you for making it possible to honor and celebrate my Great Grandmother's original gift and to carry on a family tradition. Eliza L., Barnstable MA

I picked up Jason's stocking yesterday from the post office. Thank you so much, it's very beautiful. You did a wonderful job. I am very pleased with the quality of your work. Robyn W., Ontario Canada

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