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Grocery Bag Holder

Price: $14.00
Size: approximately 7" x 19"
Care: machine wash/dry
Options: Different colors by request.

grocery bag holders plastic bag holder, new design
How to Order

burgundy sparkle grocery bag holder

This grocery bag holder is a convenient and attractive way to store and recycle your plastic grocery bags or trash bags. The original design has a drawstring at both ends. I've since started knitting a version that has the drawstring at one end (for hanging convenience), and a ribbed "cuff" at the other end. I like not having to bother with the drawstring at the second end.

Let me know if you have a favorite color. I can also vary the size if you have a special use in mind.

Details of Grocery Bag Holder

A durable acrylic yarn keeps this grocery bag holder looking great even with constant use. It can be machine washed and dried whenever necessary and it will be like new again. It will stretch, but the acrylic yarn has “memory” and will return to its original size when emptied.

There is no elastic closure to break or wear out, so you can use your bag holder for years. I find that I rarely need to touch the drawstrings on mine. I adjust them to provide just enough tension to prevent bags from falling out, while still leaving enough room for my hand to get in.

blue grocery bag holder

Uses for Grocery Bag Holder

You can hang the bag holder easily by hooking the top drawstring over a nail, picture hanger, or some other type of hook.

The obvious place for one is in the kitchen, but I have found other uses as well. I have one in a bathroom, where I use the plastic grocery bags to line the wastebasket.

I also use one in my bedroom to collect my hand-knit wool socks after I wear them. Then when I wash them, I just wash the holder along with them. You could also use one to store clean socks. It saves having to dig through a dresser drawer!

Packing for a trip? Slide your shoes into one of these, and they won’t get your clothes dirty. Or keep a grocery bag holder full of plastic bags in the car for getting rid of trash.

Gift Ideas for Grocery Bag Holder

I can knit a grocery bag holder to fit almost any décor. It would be a great addition to a gift basket of kitchen or home items. Just let me know what colors you would like! How to Order

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