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Reindeer Pictures

Here are examples of custom Christmas stockings that I've knit with reindeer pictures on them. Reindeer pictures can be handled in many different ways: head only, full body, standing, leaping. They can work well in either light or dark brown, depending on the background color. Some reindeer pictures are moderately realistic, but many are more stylized.

Please look to see what Customers Say about stockings I've knit with reindeer pictures.

stocking with snowmen, soldiers, and reindeer

This small reindeer is surprisingly realistic and detailed for its size. A tiny red nose adds a fun touch.

large Rudolph picture

This is an elegant leaping reindeer picture. The red Rudolph nose adds just a touch of whimsy.

medium-sized leaping reindeer

This reindeer is similar to the one on Albert's stocking, but it's a bit smaller. There is a large tree on the other side of this stocking.

young Rudolph reindeer picture, green background

I really like the sweet, innocent appearance of this young Rudolph. The snowflakes add a nice extra dimension.

young Rudolph reindeer picture, blue background

Here's a different rendition of the Rudolph on the green background. The top edge is different, and there are added embellishments: snowflake sequins, round sequins on his eye and nose, a green yarn bow, and bells at his neck.

stocking with angels, gingerbread men, and reindeer

Reminiscent of "primitive" or "folk" art, this stylized reindeer is very nice for small spaces.

Rudolph with Santa hat

This cute reindeer has a red sequin nose and black sequin eye and mouth. His Santa hat is trimmed with angora on the edge and a white pompom on top .

green leaping reindeer picture on white background

This was a remake of a stocking more than 50 years old. The reindeer picture is quite unusual. Its eye, and Santa's eye, are sewn-on sequins. The trees are decorated with multicolor sequins.

brown leaping reindeer picture on white background

The same design in brighter colors, with the reindeer a classic brown.

red-nosed reindeer picture on white/red background

This sweet reindeer picture is from a pattern purchased by the customer. These colors, and the background arrangement, are the classic choices for this design.

red-nosed reindeer picture on white/green background

One family uses the same pattern, but with red accents for the girls and green accents for the boys.

red-nosed reindeer picture with variations

The same design, with a different layout of the background colors and the name.  The pompom makes for a more mischievous look.

red-nosed reindeer picture with darker colors

Not very photogenic, but Rudolph is handsome in the  Victorian-style colors. Burgundy replaces bright red and hunter green replaces bright green. The design was modified slightly to make it less feminine.

leaping reindeer picture with trees

This reindeer design is from a book purchased by my customer. It seems particularly suited for a man's stocking.

leaping reindeer picture in alternate colors

The same design with a white background looks quite different.

leaping reindeer picture on red background

This is an unusual reindeer picture. The elongated body gives a clear impression that it is leaping or running.

stylized reindeer faces on stocking

This reindeer picture is a stylized design of my own. The colors of the stocking are a "feminized" version of the traditional Christmas colors.

standing reindeer picture on green background

This reindeer is too wide for most stockings. Many use reindeer pictures that are faces only, or show the reindeer leaping. A leaping reindeer is more vertical and thus easier to fit onto a typical stocking.

angora reindeer pulling sleigh

Angora yarn gives this reindeer a fluffy texture. Silver charm snowflakes sparkle in the sky.  See Santa Claus Pictures for a look at Santa in his sleigh .

reindeer peering over Santa's shoulder

A reindeer peers over Santa's shoulder while Santa is checking his list twice. This design wraps all the way around the stocking.

back view of reindeer peering over Santa's shoulder

A back view shows the rest of the reindeer's head, as well as Santa's book on the other side. It almost looks as though Santa doesn't want the reindeer to see the list!

If you're interested in a stocking with reindeer pictures, you can find out more about ordering custom Christmas stockings.

What Customers Say about Stockings I've Knit with Reindeer Pictures

Thanks so much for the beautiful stocking. I love it! It's exactly what I hoped for. Kate K., Oviedo FL

Just opened the box with the stockings and I am in shock. I mean Kelly you are truly amazing, I mean TRULY AMAZING!!!!!! The stockings are GORGEOUS, absolutely GORGEOUS. I can not thank you enough and I am going to hand your card to everyone that I can. I am soooooooooooo impressed. I mean it looks exactly like my stocking of 59 years. I can not thank you enough for working your magic on the stockings. Virginia B., Carmel Valley CA

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