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Snowman Pictures

Here are some custom Christmas stockings that I've knit with snowman pictures on them. There are many snowman, and snowlady, pictures around. Snowmen are quite versatile, since they can go onto many different background colors. The colors of the accessories or clothing can be adjusted accordingly. Depending on your taste, they can be very simple pictures, or quite complex.

Please look to see what Customers Say about stockings I've knit with snowman pictures.

full stocking snowman on blue background

Stockings with pictures that go from top to bottom are somewhat unusual. This design was chosen from a book purchased by my customer.

full stocking snowman on blue background, back view

This design is even more unusual in that it wraps around to the back side of the stocking. A birth date was added in the name space on the back.

full stocking snowman on green background

This is the same design with different background colors.  The mittens, scarf, and hatband are knitted with fluffy angora yarn for a special touch.

full stocking snowman on green background, back view

The reverse side.

simple snowman picture on large stocking

This custom Christmas stocking was created to imitate the style of a father's stocking. The child-like simplicity of this snowman picture is very appealing.

stocking with train, snowman, reindeer -- left side

A very cheerful design in bright colors was a special request for a customer's grandson. The chubby snowman fits the space nicely.

snowman with snowflakes overhead

A simple design and color scheme make a very striking stocking. The snowflakes sparkle with iridescent white sequins.

small snowmen in a row

A small snowman with sequins for eyes and buttons. Beads would work well, also.

snowman picture on wool stocking, side one

This was a copy of a family stocking. The snowman on the opposite side has a different colored scarf. I really like this rustic wool, and hope to use it more often in the future.

stocking with snowmen, soldiers, and reindeer

The same snowman has a different look in a different yarn.

stocking with snowman, bells, and candles

The same snowman once more, this time dressed up with fluffy angora yarn.

snowman stocking with original

The stocking on the right was mailed to me by a customer who wanted me to duplicate it. I was very fortunate to find some wool in very similar colors. The idea of having snowmen in different sizes is unusual and quite effective.

snowman face with hat and pipe

This simple design goes back quite a few years. I really like the cheerful look on his face.

snowman with scarf, green background

This snowman picture was knit from a pattern provided by the customer. I have done a similar snowman entirely in angora.

snowman with scarf, blue background

The same snowman picture takes on a more feminine look with a light blue background and a decorative top edge.

detailed snowman picture on striped stocking

The customer asked for this snowman to be added to a stocking that matched the family style. It is more detailed than most. This snowman design also looks very nice against a blue background, like the snowlady in the next photo.

detailed Mrs. snowman picture on blue stocking

This was knitted from a pattern chosen by the customer. The white sections of the snowlady are done with angora.

If you're interested in a stocking with a snowman picture, you can find out more about ordering custom Christmas stockings.

What Customers Say about Stockings I've Knit with Snowman Pictures

I never imagined that it would be so beautiful. The colors and the stitch match so perfect. I just wanted to thank you and tell you that you made my day and my Christmas. Kelly G., Lower Burrell PA

I can't thank you enough for creating a perfect match to our stockings. Your talent is amazing and you obviously worked very hard to match everything so well.  I really appreciate all the care and love you put into the stocking-it shows! I will definitely be using you in the future if we are ever blessed with a baby #3!  I also can't wait to tell any of my relatives who may have little ones who need to carry on the tradition and don't have anyone to knit for them.  Thank you so much!!!!  Happy Holidays!   Kerry V., NY

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