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Without Pictures

Here are examples of custom Christmas stockings that I've knit without pictures on them. Sometimes less is more! There is so much ornamentation during the Christmas season that a very simple stocking is often more noticeable. These stockings can be smooth, or textured patterns can be worked into them. Overall geometric patterns or stripes are also very nice.

Please look to see what Customers Say about stockings I've knit without pictures.

stocking with red and green stripes

This is a duplicate of an existing family stocking.  Very simple, but very effective.  A name could be added to the top if desired.

stockings with cross-stitch names

A mother sent me a photo and measurements of a stocking her grandmother had made her 30 years earlier. I duplicated the design for other members of her family. I love the non-traditional colors, which are especially beautiful in wool.

gold stocking with cross-stitch name

Another stocking in the same set. This is a very nice shade of gold.

red and green stockings with cross-stitch names

More stockings in the same set. These are in classic Christmas colors.

stocking with vertical name and bells

Vertical names are a bit unusual on stockings, but they're especially nice on a plain stocking. Here, the contrast stripe just below the top ribbing really sets off the name and the pair of tiny bells.

red stocking with vertical name and bells

This is the same design as the previous stocking, but with the colors reversed.

stocking with vertical red stripes

These three stockings are a traditional family design. They are knitted with very bulky yarn, so are thicker and heavier than most. However, they're also shorter than most. I haven't seen this design anywhere else.

stocking with vertical green stripes

The same vertical stripes, but quite a different look with the colors reversed.

stocking with diagonal red stripes

The diagonal-stripe version of this family's stockings makes me think of candy canes, obviously!  It also looks good with green and white stripes.

plain stocking in the Red Sox style

A very simple but effective design, similar to the style of socks seen in the Red Sox logo.

plain stocking with texture on cuff

This a very simple design knitted from a pattern provided by the customer. She ordered several, which she then embellished to personalize them for each grandchild.

striped stocking, side view

This stocking was knit to match the father's, who had sent me a photograph and measurements.

stocking with repeated name

This is another design that was duplicated from a photo and measurements.

tan crocheted stockings without pictures

I designed this crocheted stocking based on a verbal description from the customer. She wanted something like what her grandmother had made for her when she was a child.

textured red stocking without pictures

Knitted from a pattern provided by the customer. This textured stocking includes twisted stitches that resemble garlands, and raised stitches that form Christmas trees. The yarn is a wool/acrylic blend.

pet stockings, WOOF and MEOW

The customer mailed me her MEOW stocking and asked me to create a WOOF stocking like it. Her original pet stocking was purchased, but the company no longer sold the other version.

cotton stocking without pictures

This was for a customer who enjoys embroidery. She requested a blank stocking, from cotton yarn, that she could decorate with stitchery and attached ornaments. She asked me to match the size, shape, and feel of a previous stocking that she sent for me to examine.

cotton stocking without pictures, view of open leg

She also asked for the leg seam to be left open, so she could more easily do the embroidery and fasten off her threads.

If you're interested in a simple stocking without pictures on it, find out more about ordering custom Christmas stockings. You might also be interested in my Personalized Christmas Stockings.

What Customers Say about Stockings I've Knit without Pictures

I received my stockings the other day. I LOVE them!! They are PERFECT!! You can't even tell that the first stocking is 30 something years older than the other two stockings. They look like they were all made by the same hands. You did a great job and I am so happy. Thank you!! Jennifer O., Amston CT

Thank you very much for the stocking!!! It's perfect...thank you so very, very much!! It's identical to mine. I'm very excited about it. CeCe I., Naples FL

I got the stocking and I just love it. The color is perfect and so is the name. Thank you so much. If we have baby # 3, I'll be in touch with you for another stocking. Jill S., Naples Italy

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