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Christmas Tree Pictures

Here are some custom Christmas stockings that I've knit with Christmas tree pictures on them. The Christmas tree tradition goes back many generations, and the shape is ideally suited for knitting. A Christmas tree picture works well on a red or a white background. It also looks very nice against a blue background for a more natural style.

Please look to see what Customers Say about stockings I've knit with Christmas tree pictures.

stocking with tiny teddy bear and tree

This tiny tree is beautifully detailed without looking too cluttered. It looks like the teddy bear may have been playing with the decorations!

stocking with simple trees and Santas

This is a variation of a very old pattern. The white section of the foot has the last two digits of the recipient's birth date. The drawstring with pompoms is an unusual and very nice addition.

closeup of  simple tree with unusual decorations

While this tree is a common size and shape, it's unusual in that it's decorated with simple yarn knots. This is a wonderful idea for folks who don't care for sequins.

large tree with toys, front view

This is a wonderful old design, shown in 3 views so you can see all of it.

large tree with toys, first side view

The details in the shape of the tree and on the various toys make this stocking difficult to knit, but the finished result is a treat.

large tree with toys, second side view

The angled name banner nearly disappears on the back side.  It's quite unusual, and is nicely echoed in the slight tilt of the tree trunk.

decorated tree on reverse of Santa stocking

This tree can be seen with much less ornamentation below. The design is actually very detailed even before decorations are added.

a differently decorated tree on reverse of Santa stocking

This stocking and the previous one were decorated to match the family's other stockings.

fancy Christmas tree with Santa on reverse

This unusually detailed tree is larger than most and quite beautiful. It could be used alone or with the original Santa face on the reverse.

dark green tree on lighter green background

The same design, with a few differences. The green-on-green turned out very nicely. The white "snow" is done in angora for a bit of texture, and red beads are added. The white at the foot represents the ground. The "46" is the recipient's birth date.

slender tree with gifts

To fit the size of this customer's stocking, I had to create a more slender version of the tree in the previous photos, without sacrificing any height.

Christmas tree with gifts

This tree borrows the idea of snow on the branches from the larger tree in the previous photos.

stocking with trees, soldiers, and train

A classic 3-stripe design, with pictures chosen for the customer's grandson. The small tree is brightened with sequins.

felt tree sewn to plain stocking

A tree cut from felt is decorated with sequins and beads, then sewn onto a plain stocking.

ornamented tree next to house

The highly decorated tree next to the house has a partner on the other side of the stocking. They are part of an unusually elaborate design.

simple tree with red stars

The simplicity of this design is particularly beautiful in the old-fashioned colors.

large tree with reindeer running away

This unusually large tree shares the stocking with a reindeer that appears to be running away. Such a large tree could easily be decorated if desired.

trees in background with reindeer

These trees are quite a bit more realistic than many. They add perspective to the main figure.

stylized tree in pot

This stylized tree could be knit with the pot and the star on top in different colors.

duck on lake with trees in background

Some more realistic trees. These also add depth and perspective to the main focus of the design.

Christmas tree with gold star and sparkle trim

This Christmas tree is woven with a white yarn that contains a silver thread. The star is embroidered.

Christmas tree with gold star and red garland

The classic Christmas tree shape can easily be made taller or shorter, with some adjustments to the angles on the side edges. This one is trimmed with a gold star and a red garland.

branched Christmas tree pictures

The classic triangle tree done skeleton-style. These Christmas tree pictures are very effective on a white background, but they probably wouldn't show as well on another color. They could easily be made larger or smaller.

triangle Christmas tree with sequins

This small tree could fit in with many other designs. In this stocking, it's embellished with multi-color star sequins.

irregular Christmas tree pictures

A small tree with an unusually irregular shape. I would have spaced these Christmas tree pictures closer together, so that two full trees showed on either side. I was copying an existing stocking here and didn't want to take liberties.

Christmas tree picture with sparkle trim

This very simple tree lends itself to decoration. The white yarn with silver thread mimics sparkling snow. Other types of decoration would also work well.

small Christmas tree with ornaments

A small tree on the back of a Santa stocking. It could be larger or smaller. On a large one, it would be interesting to make the ornaments different colors.

Christmas tree decorated with sequins

A classic triangle tree embellished with hand-sewn sequins. This one has very nice proportions.

stocking with Christmas tree and gifts

This was knit from a customer's pattern. She planned to embellish it with sequins, pompoms, and gold cord to add bows to the gifts and ornaments to the Christmas tree.

small Christmas tree pictures

This Christmas tree picture is included in some old stockings that I was asked to duplicate. It is a basic triangle tree, but the bottom is rounded. This softens the lines and creates a more realistic effect.

If you're interested in a stocking with a Christmas tree picture, find out more about ordering custom Christmas stockings.

What Customers Say about Stockings I've Knit with Christmas Tree Pictures

I just wanted to tell you how extraordinarily pleased I am with the stocking you knitted. I love it, and it is a perfect addition to our family's collection! I will definitely recommend you to any friends and family who have knitting needs (and I'll certainly be back in touch if my family has an addition!). Sadie T., Boston MA

I just received the stockings. They are really beautiful... As I said to our daughter, they are exactly like the originals. THANK YOU....THANK YOU...WHAT A TREAT... They will be a family treasure forever. Jim F., Canandaigua NY

Just wanted to say how much I loved the stockings!!! They are just perfect!! My granddaughter was really excited that she had a matching stocking with her nanny!! Thanks again. Lisa S., Fitzwilliam NH

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