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Baby Knits

All baby knits on this page can be machine washed and dried. They are soft, comfortable, and less allergenic than wool. Knit baby clothes make wonderful gifts for baby showers or birthdays.

Regular baby knits may be in stock in some colors and sizes. Please contact me to see what is available. If you prefer something more unique, scroll down to see some custom baby knits I have done.

You can look below to see what customers say about my baby knits.

Regular Baby Knits

Some of my regular baby knits will usually be in stock in some colors and sizes. If I don't have the color and size you want, I can create a new item just for you. See how to order Baby Knits.

personalized baby blankets with contrasting trim

Personalized Baby Blanket

For more information, please visit the Knitted Baby Blanket page.

Custom Baby Knits

Some of the custom baby knits pictured below are one-of-a-kind creations. Others can be reproduced on request. These photos offer just a few possibilities for your special knit baby item. Please visit my Baby Knits Gallery for more ideas.

If you see something you really like, find out how to order Custom Baby Knits. The Ready-made Handmade page also includes some one-of-a-kind items that are still available.

block design baby blanket, Easter colors

Baby Blanket, Easter colors

solid blanket with contrast trim

Baby Blanket with contrast trim

block design baby blanket, primary colors

Baby Blanket, primary colors

What Customers Say About My Baby Knits

I am absolutely in love with what you sent me. It looks as gorgeous as I could've ever dreamed and I couldn't be happier with it!! This blanket's going to last years, and I can really see little camper growing with it. ... You put knitted gifts at the top of my list, because of all the care and time that is put into them. You will hear from me again soon! Have a great day! Jenny P., Mississauga Canada

I just picked up the Poncho from my local Post Office. I love it! It looks very bold and fun! Thank you so very much for doing such a great job! It was worth the wait. Tara S., Toronto Canada

Two things: 1--WOW YOU'RE FAST! 2--HOW BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see them on Baby Alex. Thanks a million. Cathy C., Danville, PA

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