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Household Items

Knit fabrics are very versatile for household items. They can be soft for draping, textured for scrubbing, or thick and sturdy for long wear. I have made rugs, dishcloths, tea cozies, place mats, bags of various types, and many other items. Let me know if you are looking for a particular type of household item.

You can look below to see what customers say about my household items.

Regular Household Items

Regular household items may be in stock in some colors and sizes. If I don't have the color and size you want, I can create a new item just for you. Please see how to order household items.

thick knitted dishcloth

Knitted Dishcloths

approximately 7 1/2"
$4, or 4/$15
These knitted dishcloths are 100% cotton, pre-washed and preshrunk. They are thicker and sturdier than my lightweight knitted washcloths. The waffle texture makes them very strong and absorbent.
Although originally intended for kitchen use, I found that they're wonderful for bathroom fixtures as well. They never scratch the surfaces, and they can be machine washed and dried at high temperatures to kill germs. The colors may fade, but the dishcloth will still be functional for many years.

thick knitted dishtowels

Knitted Dishtowels

approximately 12" x 13"
$12 with matching dishcloth
These knitted dishtowels are 100% cotton, pre-washed and preshrunk. They match my thick knitted dishcloths. The waffle texture makes them very strong and absorbent.
They can be machine washed and dried at high temperatures to kill germs. The colors may fade, but the towel will still be functional for many years.

mesh shopping bag, laid flat

Shopping Bags

approx. 7" x 18"
These mesh-style shopping bags are attractive as well as practical. Both lightweight and strong, they can be machine washed and dried as often as necessary. They stretch to hold several items, but when emptied will spring back to their original size and shape.
A durable acrylic yarn keeps these shopping bags looking great even with constant use. The yarn comes in a wide variety of colors, both solid shades and variegated.

grocery bag holders in various colors

Grocery Bag Holder

7" wide x 19" long
I can knit these in almost any color imaginable! For an extra charge, I can also do stripes or other color patterns. Just let me know what you're interested in.
I could also vary the size for special uses. They'd be great for transporting shoes. Just tie one end securely, and carry by the other end.

Custom Household Items

Some of the custom household items pictured below are one-of-a-kind creations. Others can be reproduced on request. These photos offer just a few possibilities for your special item.

If you see something you really like, find out how to order custom household items. The Ready-made Handmade page also includes some one-of-a-kind items that are still available.

stuffed alpaca toy

Stuffed Alpaca Toy

This alpaca was a special custom order for a breeder of black huacaya alpacas. The yarn is a wonderful quality natural 100% undyed alpaca.

throw or afghan in burgundy and gray

Throw or Afghan

This is really just a larger version of my color-block baby blanket, in adult colors and an adult size. The possible variations are endless.

golf club covers with pompoms

Golf Club Covers

The colors and pompom style were specifically requested by the customer. I'm also happy to do more traditional golf club covers with 1, 2, 3 and 4 stripes to distinguish between clubs. Almost any colors are possible.

What Customers Say About My Household Items

Hello from Australia! The internet is such a fantastic medium for sourcing the BEST products and services, this is how we came across Kelly Feibes and her magic hands. We are alpaca breeders in Western Australia specialising in black huacaya's. We promote every aspect of alpacas from husbandry to the magnificent 100% natural (no dyes, no chemicals) black yarn.

We were looking for a novelty toy alpaca pattern using our yarn to be able to sell in a kit. Kelly said she would give it a go ... give it a go she did! Kelly created our knitted alpaca in very simple terms for the novice to be able to create. Here he is and we are thrilled with him. The pattern Kelly designed is fantastic, it walks you through the pattern step by step.

We would highly recommend Kelly to anyone wanting superior service and superior designs. Thanks again Kelly ... we will be in touch for more designs soon!


Keith & Isi Cameron

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