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You can browse the categories above, or use the Site Map to see a list of many of the handmade knits I can create for you. Here, I'll share general information about my knits.

Finishing Methods for Handmade Knits

Most knits require at least one sewn seam. Items with several colors have many loose ends to secure when the project is finished. Multicolored handmade knits often have "floats", or loose strands on the reverse side where a color is carried from one section to another. Special methods are used to secure these floats so they won't get caught on fingers, or on the gifts that go in and out of Christmas stockings.

The care used in these tasks is absolutely critical in deciding whether the handmade knits hold up well, or fall apart in the first year of normal use. I have experimented with many different finishing techniques over the years. I know how to create knits that have attractive or invisible finishing, and will last over time.

I finish all my handmade knits myself. This takes time, skill, and attention to detail: traits that most factories cannot afford to provide. If one of my seams ever comes apart in normal wear and care, please contact me! I will fix, replace or refund it.

Yarns for Handmade Knits

Although quality means a lot to me, by temperament I'm a bit of a tightwad. I love luxury yarns in handmade knits, but I don't insist on using them. I certainly can't see spending a fortune on yarn for a child's sweater. Especially if it requires special handling to keep it looking nice! So, I search for a balance between quality and economy. I believe that a good quality yarn, joined with my careful labor, will give you the most satisfaction for your dollar.

Most often, I use the same yarns for all regular handmade knits. I have found good quality lines, with good color selections, in both acrylic and wool. By using the same type of yarn consistently, I can confidently predict how the yarn will behave during knitting, and when the item is used. Since I have a good relationship with the suppliers, I can get additional colors quickly with no fuss.

That said, I do enjoy trying new yarns! I have made some wonderful discoveries when customers requested handmade knits using fibers, textures, or colors that I do not typically use. So please feel free to ask me about finding a special yarn for your order.

Easy Care Handmade Knits

Most people don't have time to haul clothes to the dry cleaner or stand over a sink of soapy water squeezing out a sweater. So, I most often use yarns that are truly "easy care". That means you can put your handmade knits through the washing machine and the dryer with your regular laundry.

There are exceptions to the easy care principle, of course. Christmas stockings with angora on Santa's beard, or attached jingle bells, would be very unhappy with a trip through the washer. Customers often request hats and mittens in wool, since it is warmer than acrylic. But I can offer an easy-care option for any item. As far as my regular products are concerned, the descriptions on the website are clear about handmade knits that need special handling. They will almost always be items that don't require frequent cleaning.

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