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Knitted Dishcloths

Price: $4
Discounts: 4 for $15
Size: 7 1/2" square
Care: machine wash/dry
Options: See In-Stock Items for available colors.

Now available: matching dishtowel for $9! (Buy a set, dishtowel plus dishcloth, for $12.) Equipped with a button tab at the top for hanging on your oven handle or kitchen drawer handle. See Knitted Dishtowels for more information.

stack of knitted dishcloths
How to Order

These knitted dishcloths are 100% cotton, pre-washed and preshrunk. They are thick and sturdy, with a waffle texture that makes them very strong and absorbent.

waffle side of thick dishcloth

Details of Knitted Dishcloths

The cotton yarn that I use for these knitted dishcloths is available in dozens of colors, both solids and variegated. (See below for photos of some of the available colors.)

plain side of thick dishcloth

One side looks very similar to an ordinary knitted stitch. The other shows the waffle texture which makes the washcloths so absorbent.

Uses for Knitted Dishcloths

This dishcloth is heavy and sturdy, so it is ideal for tough cleaning jobs. Use it in the kitchen to wipe down counters, tables, and even the stovetop. The waffle texture will scrub most of your dishes clean with no risk of scratching.

Although originally intended for kitchen use, I have discovered that the knitted dishcloths are wonderful in the bathroom as well. I use them to clean the tub, sink, and other bathroom fixtures. They will never scratch surfaces, and they can be machine washed and dried at high temperatures to kill germs. The colors may fade, but they will still be functional for many years.

The knitted dishcloths can also be used to clean pet supplies or pet messes. Just wash and dry at high temperatures, and they're ready to use again!

Gift Ideas for Knitted Dishcloths

A set of knitted dishcloths is a natural housewarming gift. Choose seasonal or holiday colors for gifts at any time of the year.

Create a kitchen gift basket, combining the dishcloths with items such as food or tools. Wrap them around fragile items in the basket. They will protect against breakage more effectively than tissue paper, and they will never be thrown away! How to Order

knitted dishcloths in shades of blue

L to R: baby blue, light blue, hot blue, delft blue, navy

knitted dishcloths in darker variegated colors

L to R: faded denim, coral reef, royal verde, sour apple, blue swirls

knitted dishcloths in pinks, reds, purples, black

L to R: baby pink, rose pink, burgundy, hot purple, purple, black

knitted dishcloths in lighter variegated colors

L to R: lilac ombre, orange sherbet, aqua mist, daisy ombre

knitted dishcloths in shades of green

L to R: light sage, olive, baby green, light green, Christmas green, verde

knitted dishcloths in whites, cream, browns and rust

L to R: dark brown, butterscotch, camel, cream, ecru, eggshell, white

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