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Santa Claus Pictures 2

More photos of Christmas stockings with Santa Claus pictures! More photos still can be seen at Santa Claus Pictures 3, Santa Claus Pictures 4, and Santa Claus Pictures 5.

Please contact me for more information about custom knitted Christmas stockings.

stocking with trees, Santa, and wreath

This small Santa face could fit into many different designs.

Santa in his sleigh with bag of toys

Santa rides in his sleigh above the treetops. His fuzzy bag of toys is tied with a green ribbon.  See Reindeer Pictures 1 for a look at the reindeer pulling the sleigh.

stocking with simple trees and Santas

This is a variation of a very old pattern. The white section of the foot has the last two digits of the recipient's birth date. The drawstring with pompoms is an unusual and very nice addition.

very large Santa face

This Santa face is so large that it wraps around the stocking almost from edge to edge. Fortunately, I was asked to knit 2 of them. That way I could get a photo showing the whole face!

Santa face with fancy tree on reverse

This stocking has more stitches than usual to accommodate the larger pictures. In the original, Santa has green eyes. The red background and outline-style hat are unusual, and very effective.

Santa face with tree on reverse -- green background

The same design, but on a green background. This has an interesting and unusual effect. The recipient's initials are added on this side, and the birth date on the reverse.

Santa walking his dog, front view

This unusual design has Santa walking a dog off to his right side. See Different Pictures 1 for a view of the fluffy dog.

large Santa with reindeer and black book

This unusual design has a reindeer peering over Santa's shoulder while Santa checks his list twice. The design wraps all the way around the stocking.

view of Santa's "black book"

A back view shows that the reindeer is right behind Santa's elbow. It almost looks as though Santa is trying not to let the reindeer see the list!

You can see more photos at Santa Claus Pictures 3, Santa Claus Pictures 4, and Santa Claus Pictures 5. Or, find out more about ordering custom Christmas stockings.

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